Brightening Up Your Office Environment

Summer is on its way and what better way to brighten up the office and bring the outside in, by getting some greenery in the office. 

We can survey your building and suggest a range of plants and planters that complement your office decor.  The plants and planters will be rented to you and we can give you a weekly price.  This price will include the installation of the plants, the servicing and feeding of the plants.  All you need to do is enjoy them.

Our range of pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and if necessary, can match your corporate colours.

Scientific studies have reported that potted plants in offices can improve the health of stressed out workers and reduce the number of sick days they take.

Studies have also shown that their is a correlation between the more plants you can see in your office environment and the incidents self-reported sick leave there was. The more plants, the less sick leave….

Plants also appear to reduce office workers fatigue, dry throats, headaches, coughs and dry skin.

So, if that’s not reasons enough to enhance your office with some lush plants, I don’t know what is…….

Contact us today and we will arrange a no obligation site survey.

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