Snow is disappearing…..but are you ready for next time?

At Shipshape we can now offer a service through one of our trusted sub-contractors for gritting sites.

A lot of businesses were caught ill prepared for the amount of snow we have had over the last couple of weeks and before Christmas.

Some employees in businesses around High Wycombe, where we are based, could get into work using main roads reasonably easily as they were gritted by the council. The problem occured for most, struggling in the snowy industrial estates and work carparks.

We can offer two types of service, proactive and reactive gritting.

Being proactive, we can offer an automated gritting call-out service on a contract.  Under this type of service weather websites are checked and gritting takes place automatically should temperatures be below zero.

Our reactive service is on demand gritting.  This is subject to timings and costs and scope for gritting must be agreed prior to a call out.

Gritting takes place between 6pm and 6am the following day.  Salt will be applied to all areas specified in the quotation once during each call out.  Snow clearing is not normally included in the quotations but can also be arranged and quoted for as part of the contract.

You may well think that this is not a priority now we have (hopefully) seen the last of the heavy snow fall but to have this contract in place ready for when this occurs next time makes good sense for your business and the health & safety of your employees.

Email us or call our office for more information and to book a free site survey visit.

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