Tea towels in your Office…

With these winter bugs escalating at the moment, hygiene in the office is even more important.

In kitchen areas, both at home and work, damp cloths are a perfect place for bacteria to breed .  It is important to wash all kitchen cloths, not just tea towels, regularly and leave them to thoroughly dry before using them.

It is important to keep different cloths for different jobs.  In kitchen areas at work, all staff need to know what cloths to use for what job.

A cloth should be available wiping down the kitchen worktop, a different cloth/sponge should be used to wipe clean the crockery and a tea towel should be used for drying items.

Tea towels should not be used for wiping hands or surfaces, but for use after dishwashing.  This helps to stop bacteria spreading and cross contamination.

Tea towels are fine in the kitchen and workplace, providing:

  • They are used only for drying up
  • They are changed daily
  • They are washed regularly, ideally on a 60 degrees wash……

As a cleaning company we have sites with tea towels, but clean ones are put out daily and we provide enough tea towels at the start of a contract, to wash and replace on a regular cycle.  This is a service we can price for in any of our sites, who wish to have regular tea towel laundry service.

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