Slipping in the Wet Weather….

Well, we are well into Autumn now with the darker evenings and what seems like constant rain showers.

One of the hazards we encounter this time of year in the rain, ice and snow is slipping on hard floor surfaces.

I encountered this very problem at the weekend, mearly walking from outside in a shopping centre into their main indoor shops.  The floor was wet outside and the flooring in the arcade was shiny marble tiles.   Now the floor looks lovely, shiny and expensive but, with wet shoes on, these hard floors literally turn into an ice-rink!

Luckily, I am quite firm on my feet but pensioners, the disabled or young children might not be so lucky and in courts these days damages may run into tens of thousands for broken bones.

I will of course be contacting the Shopping Centre Management to discuss my concerns with their floor.  As they only opened in May this year, they haven’t had a Autumn/Winter Season to test the floors. 

However, these expensive claims from the unlucky victims of falls and slips can be completely eliminated just by applying non-slip floor solutions to slippery when wet floors.

Our range of anti-slip floor solutions can treat any hard floor service including marble, concrete, vinyl, wood etc. making it slip resistant whilst not compromising on the beauty of the floor.  Together with the initial floor treatment,  an ongoing maintenance programme with the cleaners or ourselves will prolong the effectiveness of the anti-slip floor treatment.

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