All Natural Cleaning Products

It is important these days that we are more aware of what we put down our toilets and sinks to reduce the harm to the environment.

One of the ranges we can provide to clients is the Method range of cleaning products. 

We have tested Method products in the Shipshape office and we were impressed at the results.  Method products not only are great cleaning products but when using them, you can be assured that your conscience is clear.

Method products are:

People Friendly – Non-toxic, fresh and natural smelling , with scents like Pink Grapefruit, Lavender and Mint.  No harsh ammonia chemical smell and you can breathe easy

Bottle Friendly – Products are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable

Animal Friendly – Never tested on animals

In the office we particularly love:

Method Best in Glass

Method All Purpose Cleaner

Method Wood for Good

Method Steel for Real

On our sites, we only use microfibre cloths for our cleaning and these are colour coded, washed and replaced regularly.  We find using microfibre cloths with these products gives the best results. 

Be kind to our environment and look in your cleaners cupboard…..

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