The C word is for Cleaning – not Cuts!

Cuts is a bit of a buzz word these days in the press with the labour government making cuts, cuts, cuts….

Cleaning is obviously an essential part of the facilities management in a building and when managed properly provides an essential service in the workplace.  Cleaning is essential to:

– Keep the building in tip top condition

– To provide a clean environment for employees to work in

– To give a good impression to visitors to the office

– To eliminate some H&S issues in the workplace

Cleaning services are very often scrutinized as part of the financial budget process and there is always a need to justify your cleaning expenditure.

At Shipshape we look at ensuring that throughout the contract you get an efficient service that is well managed and adds value to your business.

From initial contact, to the review of existing arrangements and tender, throught to the set up of the new site we aim to provide the best service for your budget.

We use an automated timecard system for all our cleaners to ensure that we are delivering the cleaning service you are paying for.

Our Area Manager reviews our sites regularly to deal with stock, training, inductions and working methods.

We employ experienced cleaners with a good working history and references to work in our teams.  We also value our staff and pay above the minimum wage and have incentive schemes in place to reward the hard work of our staff.

We use a variety of products to do the job, using the Microfibre cloth system, environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible and we always ensure that our teams have the products to clean a site and keep it clean and presentable.   

If you need to review your site cleaning, check out our website: and download our FREE Cleaning Audit from our home page.

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