What is E Coli and how can you prevent it?

E Coli is very prominent in the news at the moment due to several cases in Surrey involving young children.

The BBC website has a page which explains the virus, how it is contracted and how to avoid it.  See below:


To avoid the virus, hygiene is of paramount importance, in particular:

– Keep your hands clean to avoid faecal contamination

– Try to avoid touching your face with your hands unless they are clean

– Clean hard surfaces with a disinfectant regularly

We can provide a range of cleaning products for your workplace which actually prevent the E Coli virus.  This range includes:

– Disinfectant Wipes that are kind to skin and safe for the environment and a range of surfaces

– Disinfectant Handwash that is kind to your skin and keeps you protected from the virus when used regularly

– Anti-Microbial Cleanser either with no smell or a pleasant raspberry smell for your hard and soft surfaces

– Anti-Microbial Hand Rub for using in addition to washing your hands to provide protection from E Coli.

We can provide these products to you for any environment you wish to prevent the spread of the E Coli virus.  Contact us for more information at:

www.shipshapecleaning.co.uk or 01494 468989

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