Reducing Illnesses in the Workplace

Office environments are a breeding ground for all types of viruses and bacteria and germs can easily be transferred. Although you may have your work environment cleaned every evening, staff working during the day can transmit viruses and bacteria.

As part of the company’s Contingency Planning some of our clients are taking measures to prevent the increase in their staff of some of these viruses, reducing time off sick which can cost UK companies millions.

As part of that we are providing these clients with additional cleaning products for personal staff use throughout the day.

We have a product range that is used in hospitals to combat all types of bugs including MRSA and Noro Virus. Using these products germs are removed from handsets, headsets, keyboards, computer mice, not only ensuring the equipment is clean but completely germ free throughout the day, with regular use.  This is especially important if different staff throughout the day use the same equipment.

Products we can supply:

Maceratable Wet Wipes – Packets of 52 wipes – Useful for staff to wipe their own handsets, keyboards etc

Foam Handrub – 500ml bottle – Commonly found in hospitals, these rubs can be situated throughout the building for staff use.

Foam Handwash – 500ml bottle – Can be used in washrooms, to replace exisiting handsoaps and antibacterial handwash for extra protection, following visits to the toilet.

We are happy to arrange for supply of these products to your office, as soon as they are required, just contact us.

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